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The Quest Center is one of the main places for the SSAC activities and programs. For up-to-date info check www.questcenterpa.com

1. What is the Quest Center ?

2. News & testimonies

3. Short description of programs

4. AM Yoga & meditation programs

5. Program Quest 2010

6.Directions to the Quest Center


1.What is the Quest center ?

The Quest Center is a project of people and families that want to give a space for growth and quests to inner fulfillment, harmony and love.

Their means to achieve this is to cultivate various disciplines that help to develop our innermost potentials and human values such as Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu, Yoga and meditation.

By serving individuals and groups to "quest" for these inner goals through these practices, collective games, workshops and outdoor activities, we learn and grow ourselves.

The outdoor space is a north face of an ancient mountain with old maple trees and a meadow with a sizeable vegetable garden. It has proven to be ideal for the typical camp games such as hide-and-seek, capture-the-flag and others. The Quest Center organizes its own programs and also rents the place to groups. An adjacent property of 120 acres of dense woods is available for use in recreational activities.

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3. News & Testimonies :

The 1st adventure of consciousness program last year on the 12th - 13th of February went beyond any expectations. Even though we had very cold weather and our driveway was slippery, we managed to accomodate all the cars safely. In fact this weather allowed us to have a great snowballfight out on the field.

The drumming circle on saturday night went way past midnight. The energy was high and we had a blast !

Here some comments and insights from the program :

"I had an absolutely fun-filled, stress-free, healthy and relaxing visit at the Quest. All the people involved in this weekend's activities nourished my kindred soul&ldots;. Although it was only a weekend, it felt like an eternity of bliss." Donald

"To go from the high-stress environment of everyday life and to focus on inner balance is a wonderful & mind-opening experience. The love that flows through this Center is life changing. I got to experience some inner healing while I resided in this humble place. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow." Sara

"I thought this was a great weekend to get away from materialistic society and meet some real people who seem to be striving for everything that is good in life. I learned a lot about myself and what really matters in this world. Thanks." Josh

"I will leave the Quest Center feeling totally re-energized physically and spiritually. I have felt such love and power in everyone I have met and I thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to share in this growth experience." Danielle

"The food was awesome, the drum circle rocked, the workshops were inspirational. Thank you all for a great time ! Clara

For more recent news about events check "latest news"

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2. Yearly programs and events at the Quest Center

Youth camp for boys (Young spiritual Warrior Camp):

For one week in the summer we hold camps for boys for ages 11 to 15. Activities include interactive "new games", outdoor challenges, hiking, canoeing or overnight camping, map reading, yoga, meditation, and martial arts. It usually ends with a special challenge on the last day and prize giving in the presence of the guardians.

Dates : click the program button

Cost: $300 For registration call 570-289-4580 or e-mail at mark@innersports.org


annual Junior girls’ camp:

A week full of fun for girls between 8 and 12. Our focus will be to develop a strong collective spirit and a morally courageous outlook in social life in a loving spiritual environment. The program will include swimming and hiking, arts and crafts activities, Spanish and French language instruction, creative story-telling, singing, dancing and meditation. The highlight of the camp is a one night camp-out with interactive games and adventures.


Cost $150 For registration contact Kim at 570-289-4033 or e-mail risun@epix.net


Men's and women's spiritual warrior training:

An invigorating experience for any man or woman above 18 years old, with team challenges, outdoor activities, vision quest, meditation, yoga and Tai-chi.

For registration contact 570-289-4580 or e-mail mark@innersports.org

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The adventure of consciousness:

To become an adventurer of consciousness means to search into the unknown of one's deepest inner self and to connect with it. It requires courage, determination and regular practice, provided in eight easy steps. This program is designed as an Introduction to Ananda Marga Yoga and meditation. We will do :

Yoga asanas, meditation, chanting, cultural performances and provide vegetarian meals.

Cost : $60 includes meals and board. For registration contact 570-289-4021 or mark@innersports.org

Internship programs:

The internships are mostly during the summer, but in special cases may be arranged during the rest of the year. It involves daily training in spiritual practices including yoga, meditation, Tai-chi and learning the philosophical background. Daily service activities are a required part of the program. A senior monk of Ananda Marga leads the program. This program is only available if more than 4 people register. A fee of $400 is required per month.

Full-time Volunteering:

Especially during the summer months there is work in the garden, sometimes also a particular need in the office (typing, mailing e-networking) arises. In that case we will not ask for a fee in exchange for the work done.

To apply contact : mark@vssnet.org

Daily schedule at the center:

At the Quest Center, yoga, meditation and Tai-Chi are being practiced on a daily basis, while Wah Lum praying mantis style (master Chan – Orlando) is taught twice a week.

Our teachings are based on Tantra which is an ancient science of the mind and body, originally taught in India and China, later called Dao and Zen. Tantra is the root philosophy behind all martial arts. Our training is comprehensive and includes lessons in conduct and morality. This provides an excellent framework for any martial artist seriously interested to develop all aspects of his / her personality.

Click here for more Kung-Fu pictures :


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Ananda Marga Yoga & meditation programs:

Seminars & retreats : To strengthen those already on the path of yoga and meditation Ananda Marga holds its regular refresher seminars where we focus on a particular theme of spiritual and/or social philosophy and more intense meditation.

If you have any program that you would like to run, let us know in advance. The place can be rented for appr. $15 a day per person. Contact 570-289-4033

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Directions to the Questcenter

From the south (Philadelphia / Allentown take 476 North ) ( From -Easton take 33 north - 80 west - 380 west) Then take I-81 North.

Exit I-81 no.194 (Clarks Summit) and follow Rte. 11 north for about 20 miles into Hop Bottom. You will pass Factoryville (traffic light) and Nicholson. Then watch your speed! Turn left at the yellow blinking light in Hop Bottom and after 2 blocks go right follow Rte. 167 north for 2.5 miles. At the Quest Center sign on the left,turn left onto the dirt road . Turn right into the second driveway.

From the north:

Exit I-81 at no.223 (New Milford) and go left at stop sign into New Milford, then go left at next stop sign follow Rte. 11 south into Hop Bottom (12 miles). Turn right at the blinking light in Hop Bottom and after 2 blocks go right follow Rte. 167 north for 2.5 miles. At the Quest Center sign on the left,turn left onto the dirt road . Turn right into the second driveway.

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